Chicago Boy’s Sidewalk Skate Review

Chicago Boy’s Sidewalk Skate ReviewWho can be your best buddy whenever you think of having a skating experience? Clearly, you can guess that it’s the skating boot that happens to be your only friend in this kind of sport. Many of the skating boots are competing with their rivals while there is one suck guy that might draw your attention. It’s the chicago boy’s sidewalk skate. This pair comes with an attractive look and is capable enough to be anyone’s favorite. Surely the reason are dropped below on the chicago boy’s sidewalk skate review.

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Features and Specifications:


The Chicago sidewalk skate is eligible enough to be a great partner for boys. They have termed the skate to be a racer as it has been strategically designed for skating and racing as well. Besides, many skaters love the performance and speed of this rolling guy, so you can actually trust the skate to similarly support you at extreme level. The skate is an all-rounder that comes with a classic black appearance.


Talking about the supportive feature of the skate, then yes the skate comes with an absolute support system. The skate consists of a controlled high top boot so it can offer you a wider flexibly filled with security. On the top of that, chicago boy’s sidewalk also ensures super sturdy laces with class and quality to offer great security and comfort on your feet. So, the pair has both the combination of security and comfort that you look for in one.

Wheels and Bearings:

The source of control comes from the grip system of the wheels. And with chicago boy’s sidewalk wheels, you will get the privilege of an amazing skating experience. The skate has four broader 62mm urethane wheels with semi precision bearing. Besides, the skate features double adjustable trucks and chassis that are high impact. So with this great guy, you can just glide indoors and outdoors easily.


The chicago boy’s sidewalk feature a convenient pull of and pull on feature for its lacing system. The skate weighs light featuring a lace up front. And there is also a fold over Velcro strap on top so you can fit the skate easily and securely.


  • The pair comes with a comfortable lace closure system.
  • Double adjustable truck and chassis.
  • Semi precision speed bearings

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  • The boot comes with four finest oversized 62mm wheels.
  • The pair has a built-in red toe stop.
  • The boot has a self-adhesive Velcro strap.



  • The wheels swivel smoothly.
  • The Velcro strap around the ankle can keep your ankle from rolling.
  • The boot is comfortable to wear.
  • You will not have any adjustment issues if you get the perfect size.
  • The pair will not weigh you down.
  • The laces are high in quality and tightens the boot with comfort so they won’t loosen them.
  • The boot is super strong and durable.


  • The skates are a bit heavier than other skates.
  • You might need little modification to make it perfect for fit.
  • You might not find the wheels and bearings great.
  • The screws on wheels come tight, so you might have to loosen them.
  • Come with Slow bearings and non-inline arrangement.

You can take help of the size chart provided by –

Chicago Boy’s Sidewalk Skate Size Chart

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q: What are the differences between a sidewalk skate and a rink skate?
A: Rink skate is for using inside at a skating rink, which is in short for indoor use. And Sidewalk skate is basically for outdoor use. The side walk skates are a bit tougher. You will be needing to ask the manufactures of the skating rink if they let the skate to be used outside, since little debris or rocks can damage the floors.

Q: Is there a size that is compatible with size 15?
A: No, there is no size that will be compatible with the size 15.

Q: Is it possible to adjust the size of the skate as the foot grows?
A: No, it is not possible to adjust the size of the skate as the foot grows.

Q: Can you use the skates for rink skating?
A: Yes, you can use the skates for rink skating

Q: Why does the pair go different direction when you turn in them or go straight?
A: You might not have adjusted the trucks properly. You have to either loosen or tighten the nut of the trucks that grips each of the 4 trucks.


Skating is one the most exciting sports that you can enjoy. And for this one definitely needs a good pair of skates to get the privilege of that experience. If you thing that the perks of this pair outweighs the drawbacks then chicago boy’s sidewalk skate is definitely worth pucasing.

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