Chicago Bullet Speed Skate Review

Chicago Bullet Speed SkateIt’s been a long time that your older skates are betraying you in practice just because they are performing great. Well, you might feel bad as the time has come to throw them away and take the brand new one. However, you get up and realize that there are massive options to choose from that ends up confusing you. So, to help you out a bit, this review about Chicago bullet speed skate might help you. If you are looking for a pair that will roll like the speed of a bullet, you might want to try this one that performs just like the name states.

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Features and Specifications:


The Chicago boot does just like the name says: Bullet Speed. The pair will be rolling faster the way bullet does and is strategically designed for skating and racing as well. Moreover, the reason why the pair will be a safe choice is for most of the skaters who are already in love with the pair. So, you can call it a great skate boots for multitalented rink and social skating. The boot simply defines classic.


As for how much support the pair provides, I will say completely. The skates come with a controlled low cut boot so it can provide you a wider independence of movement with full of flexibility. On the top of that, the Bullet Speed also ensures super sturdy laces with class and quality to offer great security and comfort on your feet. So, the pair does impress just after you step in the boot.

Wheels and Bearings:

The control all depends on the wheels of the boot. And they are indeed one of the most significant factors of skates. However, the Bullet Speed comes with wide 62mm urethane wheels with bearings of ABEC 1. Moreover, the pair consists of adjustable aluminum trucks with double action features. The combination of fixed axels and speed bearings make the boot super controllable and stable. So, the pair provides extreme level of speed that you look for.


The Bullet Speed is absolutely made of vinyl and it comes with a convenient lace closer system to allow you for making appropriate adjustments conveniently and effortlessly while you enjoy your skating. As it comes with laces, you can wear the pair with perfect fittings and comfort.


  • Made of Vinyl.
  • The pair comes with a comfortable lace closure system.
  • The pair has urethane 62mm wheels with high rebound speed.
  • The boot comes with padded collar and heel pull loop.

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  • Consist of adjustable aluminum trucks.
  • Precision speed bearings ABEC 1.
  • The boot has a power strap.


  • The laces are high in quality and tightens the boot with comfort so they won’t loosen them.
  • The wheels swivel smoothly.
  • The boot is made of vinyl so the pair is going to be super strong and durable.
  • You will not have any adjustment issues if you get the perfect size.
  • The wheels are roll over rough terrain quite well.
  • The boot is comfortable to wear.
  • The pair will not weigh you down.


  • The wheels are a bit slower than many other pairs.
  • The wheels are a little low end.
  • The toe stops do not grip well, so you might find them cheap plastic that wears down quickly.
  • The screws on wheels come tight, so you might have to loosen them.
  • Might come with grippy bearings.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Why does the pair go different direction when you turn in them or go straight?
A: You might not have adjusted the trucks properly. You have to either loosen or tighten the nut of the trucks that grips each of the 4 trucks.

Q: What kind of outdoor toe stop will be compatible?
A: Any Rubber Toe Stop that you may get that screws into the plate will be compatible.

Q: What is the diameter and width (ground contact) of the wheels?
A: The skates come with the diameter of 62mm wheels by width of 38mm.

Q: Are these men’s or women’s sizes?
A: The Chicago bullet speed pair is men’s sizes.


Chicago Bullet Speed Skate helps greatly in your practice. The pair will provide you great performance to fuel up your level of confidence. Not only that, it also offers super safety with comfortable laces so you can tighten them and get ready for your staking experience.

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