Chicago Women’s Leather Lined Rink Skate Review

chicago women's leather lined rink skate

Chicago has been doing a great job in providing several skates products for the skaters. If your old skates have betrayed you, then the time has come to get a new pair. But as you will get a variety of models in the market, there is a high chance to make you nothing but confused. And if you are puzzled about which one to get, this review might help you solving your quest.

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Features and Specifications:


The Chicago women’s leather lined rink skate is a skate that you would like to use indoor as it is a rink skate. However, like the manufacturer boasts, the pair has been designed strategically for skating and racing as well. So women would love to take the taste of skating with the pair.


The support system of the Chicago skate is something really impressive. The skates come with a controlled high top boot so it can provide you a broader freedom of flexibility and movement as well. Not only that, the Chicago skate also ensures super sturdy laces with class and quality to offer great security and comfort on your feet. So, the pair does impress just after you step in the boot.

Wheels and Bearings:

The control of the skating is usually dependent on the wheels of the skate. And they are indeed one of the most significant factors of the pair. However, the Chicago women’s boot comes with wide 58mm urethane wheels with ABEC 3 bearings. Besides, there is a robust aluminum base with jump bar as well for bolstering. And not only that, you will also find double adjustable trucks for increasing the versatility and precision of the skate as you turn and lean.


The Chicago women’s leather lined rink skate come with a sporty style leather lined boot having a padded ankle collar to give you a great coziness. The skates are absolutely made of leather and it comes with a convenient eyelet or speed hook lacing system to allow you for making appropriate adjustments conveniently and effortlessly so you can enjoy your skating. As it comes with laces, you can wear the pair with perfect fittings and comfort.


  • Double adjustable trucks to customize.
  • ABEC 3 bearings.
  • Strong aluminum base with jump bar.
  • 58mm urethane wheels.
  • Features a padded ankle collar.

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  • Leather lined boot.
  • Has a large front brake.
  • Eyelet or speed hook lacing system.
  • Come white in color.


  • As the skate is made out of leather, so it’s going to be absolutely durable and strong.
  • Features a convenient eyelet or speed hook lacing system.
  • Robust aluminum base with jump bar for bolstering.
  • Double adjustable trucks for increasing the versatility and precision of the skate as you turn and lean.
  • The sizing on these skates are very well constructed.
  • The wheels can roll smoothly over rough terrain as well.
  • The wheels roll quietly.


  • You might find the back of the skates quite stiff.
  • Not ideal for outdoor use.
  • The skates do not come with great bearings.
  • Wheel base are not adjusted lengthwise.
  • You might find it a bit on the heavy side if you are a beginner.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What size bearings do these use, 8mm or 7mm?
A: the skates use 8mm sized bearings.

Q: Can you wear the skates outside?
A: you can use the skates outside but they are not recommended. However, the wheels are polyurethane so they are more on the soft side and might wear out fast if they roll over tacky pavement. But if you want to use it outside, remember that stones and gravel will be embedded in the wheels so be sure to clean the wheels and wipe the boot off.

Q: Can you do tricks on these skates?
A: Yes, you can do tricks on the skates.

Q: is it possible to replace the wheels?
A: Yes, it is possible to replace the wheels.


Like their many other models, this Chicago women’s leather lined rink skate is also great in its performance and look. Although the bearings that come with the pair might not satisfy you but other features of the skates are definitely enough to win your heart. So overall, these skates deserve to be in your buying list.

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