Top 10 Health Benefits of Roller Skating

health benefits of roller skating

Roller skating does not belong to the only department that contains jobs like thrilling the moment or creating adventures. It does more than that. Yes, your favorite sport does some hidden activity that I think it’s high to unmask them. These are to benefit your health. You might be doing roller skating for fun or competition but do you know how much it has been taking care of your health? So here I will be highlighting 10 best health benefits of roller skating. And you can thank me later.

So, here are 10 health benefits of roller skating:

1. Make the joints joyful

Roller skating gives you flowing motion that helps to keep you from damaging your joints. It helps you enjoy the freedom just like you do as for dancing or running without any harsh impact. Many studies have shown that roller skating causes impact shochealth benefits of roller skatingk less than 50 percent to joints compared to running. In short, an aerobic roller skating workout can give you same perks just like the benefit that you will get from the jogging, only without the damage to the joints.

2. Call it a cross training exercise

Riding on roller skate is also equal to jogging for a lessening of body fat, leg strength development, health benefits and caloric consumption. So if you are a skater and you want to keep your body fit, then this roller skating activity can keep you in shape mostly during the off season, so what are you waiting for! Hurry up and grab a pair of roller skates!

3. Shoots your fat to death

A guy with an average-size weighing about 190 lbs. can wish to reduce around 10 calories per minute of roller skating. As for an average-sized girl who weighs about 163 lbs. can wish to reduce around 9 calories each minute. This fat burning perks of doing skates motivate both the guys and girls to keep themselves fit. So if you love skating and take a roller ride for a full hour you can burn between 350 to 650 calories.

4. Turn the mood mode: On

Roller skating is not only a key to fuel up the thrill but mood as well. And no person can turn their mood off with this activity. I’m sure you haven’t ever seen a skater roller skating and frowning at the same time. Definitely not! In case of the health benefits, sunlight, music, fun and social aspect roller skating is one of the most amusing workouts that will surely benefit your health. After all, good mood is also a part of your health eh?

5. Makes the arms and legs do some jobs!

Roller skating makes the legs and knees labor as you ride through movement, while your core and arms get to work out as you balance your body during the movement. Moreover, roller skating also helps in building strength, chiefly in the muscles of the lower body. The combination of tougher muscles and healthier coordination that works together helps to prevent wounds and ends up keeping you active and flexible as you age.

6. Enrich balance, coordination, and agility

Coordination of the body and mind is one of the most important factors of having a healthier health. And roller skating masters that department as well. What roller skating does is, it helps in improving balance with the intensity of lower-back and abdominal muscles, as you also should maintain a stable core for staying upright. Coordinating balance and leg flexibility develops agility and liveliness of the health.

7. Buttresses the heart

If roller skating is close to your heart, the activity will put a gigantic impact on your heart as well. And it won’t break your heart for sure. However, you can call this sport a cool effective aerobic exercise as well that works on strengthening the heart. The studies have unveiled that moderate roller skating fuels up the heart rate of the skaters to the levels that range from 140 beats to 160 beats each minute. As for skating on top speeds, it will surely upturn the heart rate up about 180 heart beats each minute.

8. Enrich endurance

Roller skating can help in boosting up muscle endurance along with amplifying muscle strength. In this case, the best way to train your muscle will be: to add a couple of uphill climb to each skating session, accompanied by your cardiovascular system for using the energy stores of the body more effectively. It means you can do skating for longer distances and you won’t even get dog-tired. Isn’t that cool!

9. Indoor, outdoor anywhere

The best thing about roller skating is you can taste the essence of the sport anywhere you want. Many of you might roller skate in a rink while many of you might do it outdoor on the street. The thrill level gets boost up when you will actually experience skating over bumpy terrain. This will also benefit your health.

10. Charges up social interaction than your facebook.

Roller skating is a kind of social activity where you can skate and compete with your best friends. you are a part of a society and being social is also a vital section of a good health. So, better you buck up your spirit and suggest them to go for one skating ride. Let’s see who wins!


These are 10 health benefits of roller skating that I wanted to share with you and to make your days better. So, happy skating while making your health better and take a moment to make yourself refreshed and also maintain the roller skating safety tips to avoid bad experiences.

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