Pacer xt70 Adjustable Roller Skates Review

pacer xt70 adjustable roller skates

Adjustability is one word that opens up several doors of options. The more adjustable option you have, the more convenience you get. And if your kid loves skating and wishing for a new pair then you won’t like to miss the chance to grab a pair that has this option. Exactly, the Pacer xt70 adjustable roller skates are all about adjustability from its size to plates and everything. The manufacturer has provided this unique feature so that your child can learn skating taking a good time with the boots. You can change the size to two different as the kid grows so that the junior skater can keep the pair for years. Hence, you do not even have to take the hassle to change the pair since it features the option you want for your kid. However, the skates have some other feature to highlight as well. So let me just go through them to help you out.

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Features and Specifications:


One of the first things that make Pacer XT70 boot a cool pair is, it comes with the shell that you can absolutely adjust with the growth of the child. This is the unique feature that the manufacture has thought of your child so that the skates can stay around your kid’s feet throughout their skate learning experience. However, the skates have removable buckle closures and the lining for support where you can remove them and change the skates to two different sizes as your child grows if needed.

Wheels and Bearings:

The wheels that come with the pair pacer xt70 are made out of Polyurethane. They come in pink color and swivel the boots as smooth as possible. However, the Pacer XT70 comes with 608ZB bearings which are greatly ideal for the little beginners.

From the rink to the sidewalk:

Another unique feature of the Pacer XT70 adjustable roller skates is that it is able to transition easily from rink to sidewalk. It means that your kid cannot only use it inside the house to mess it up but also can use it outside over the zigzag terrain so that they can have the true skating experience.


The plate of the pacer xt70 is completely plastic. However, you can adjust the plate as well.


  • Detachable comfort lining and buckle closures
  • Adjustable shell.
  • Adjustable plastic plate.

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  • 608ZB sealed bearings.
  • Polyurethane (injection) Wheels.
  • White small 12J-1, medium 2-4 for Girls and White small 12J-1, medium 2-4 for Boys.


  • The pair comes with adjustable shell.
  • It features adjustable plastic plate.
  • You can change the skates to two different sizes as your child grows.
  • Both the boys and girls can use it so it’s a unisex pair.
  • The buckle closures and the lining are removable.
  • The construction is much more robust and more long lasting than the Disney kind skates.
  • They are comfortable and easy to skate.
  • Easy to adjust the tightness and size.
  • The pair fits true to the size.
  • Great support system and wheels roll smoothly.
  • You can use it both indoor and outdoor as it can transition easily from rink to sidewalk.


  • The straps come loose anytime the quick release is bumped.
  • A crack developed on the skate tongue of one of the users.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will the medium fit the kid girl who is a size 5?
A: Yes the medium size will fit the kid girl who is a size 5.

Q: What size skates would you purchase if the boy is 5 years old and wears a size 11 in shoes size ?
A: It would be ideal to buy the small 12-1 size, however, this skate pair is adjustable so you get more use out of them!

Q: Is it good for indoor skate rink?
A: The skate is good for both indoor and outdoor use.

Q: Will these fit girl size 5.5 in a regular shoe?
A: The skate boots would probably be too small for a 5.5 shoe size.

Q: What are the sizes they adjust out to?
A: You can change the skates to two different sizes as your child grows


These are skates that you would love to buy for your kid as a birthday present if your kid loves skating. Although the straps that comes with it are a bit disappointing but the benefits of the Pacer xt70 adjustable roller skates definitely conquer the disappointments.

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