Riedell Citizen Outdoor Roller Skates Review

riedell citizen outdoor roller skates

Skating can get super boring when you don’t get the perfect pair. And getting a perfect pair is like getting the perfect love of your life. If your life revolves around wheels and skates, it’s really significant you throw the bad old pair and buy the best one. And no solution will be as great as Riedell Citizen outdoor roller skates are. If you are thinking what wonder the pair does to awestruck you, then yes you will get the answer here. Let’s talk about what this white boot does.

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Features and Specifications:


Riedell citizen outdoor roller skates is quite popular for its ‘chic boot’ features. Although you can find it similar to many of Riedell’s other boots but the pair has its own separable features. What the Citizen does is the pair upholds a simple yet gracious courtesy of white designed appearance. Moreover, the pair is synthetic and super supportive. However, you won’t find whistles and bells in the pair. But it comes with hooks on top for convenient lacing and unlacing of the laces.


The Citizen pair consists of the PowerDyne Thrust Nylon plate. And yes, it is absolutely reinforced. Besides, the skates come with metal trucks and they accept Bolt-On Bell Stop.


The wheels that come with the pair are Radar Zen with the dimension 62mm and have a Durometer rating of 85A. So the wheels grip fairly like the way you need and do not tend to disappoint you. However, the wheels come is various colors and the great thing is you can customize them to take your favorite. So, the wheels are built softer so that it can make your skating experience better so you can actually learn skating with confidence.


The Citizen skates use the Riedell KwiK ABEC -5 bearing to provide you a satisfying swivel. The bearings will not let you go faster yet allows for minor work to be done while you are skating outdoors.

Toe Stops:

The pair features a black bolt on toe stops. However, the plate lets Bolt-On Bell Stop so you can stop the skate with style.


  • Man Made which is obvious.
  • Size: White 1-11(Medium Width) for Girls or Ladies and White 1-13 (Wider D Width) for Boys or Men.
  • Plate: PowerDyne Thrust Nylon
  • Bearings: Riedell KwiK ABEC-5

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  • White Bolt-On Bell Stop.
  • Wheels: Riedell 62mm by 32mm Radar Zen Wheels with hardness of 85A
  • Riedell 110/111 Synthetic, Soft, and Supportive boots


  • The wheels come in variety of color options to choose from.
  • You can customize the color of the wheels.
  • The wheels are soft and synthetic.
  • The pair is strong and durable.
  • The wheel bearings do not have rolling resistance, so they will roll smoothly.
  • The pair is comfortable.
  • It has excellent support.
  • The wheels will give you a silent skating experience.


  • The stopper is a little low.
  • You might find size issue if you don’t order the proper one.
  • The pair might have flimsy stops.
  • You might find the skates heavy.
  • You might find skates stiff at first but they get adjusted with the toe after a couple of usage.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you use these outdoors after rain, on wet surfaces?
A: you can use them outside. The main thing is to ensure you avoid getting through standing water or puddles in respect of keeping the bearings from getting too wet. However, if the skates get wet, it will be better that you blow the bearings out with a kind of Air compressor. It will guarantee the skates from staying wet and rusting out.

Q: Can you use these skates outdoor on sidewalks and walking trails?
A: Yes, you can use these skates outdoor on sidewalks and walking trails as long as they are paved.

Q: Can you use these boots indoors as well as outdoors?
A: Yes, you can use these boots indoors as well as outdoors. The wheels of these outdoors skates are softer than traditional indoor ones so they will be full of grip.

Q: How hard is the boot?
A: The heel and toe are all very stiff while the upper part of the pair is flexible.

Final Words

Riedell Citizen outdoor roller skates comes with a package of courtesy, elegance and simplicity. It does not only have a good looking appearance but also have a good functional performance. Not only the pair has features that most of the professional pair but also it does justice to the boots. So, if you are yet to buy a great pair, you can take this white into consideration.

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