Riedell r3 Outdoor Energy Roller Skates Review

riedell r3 outdoor energy roller skates

Riedell is one of those brands that you would like to take any skating product from, and there is no doubt that they are very reliable. And since they have earned much trust from their customers, people can think of grabbing a skating pair from them. Riedell has offered a variety of great Skates to us, and this Riedell R3 outdoor energy roller skates is one of them. This pair rolls with super energy to provide a unique skating experience and comes with such features that you would like to have one.

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Features and Specifications:


Riedell R3 is all about comfort padding and convenient skating. The boots maintain an elegant appearance with its chic black color. Talking about the construction of the boots, you will find it super amazing it wins to impress you with its winning like performance.


The R3 pair consists of the PowerDyne Thrust Nylon plate with reinforced features. Not only that, the skates feature metal trucks and they absolutely accept Midi Gripper Toe Stop.


The wheels that come with the pair are Riedell Radar Energy with the dimension 62mm by 32mm. They have a hardness rating of 78A hence the wheels grip fairly like the way you want. On the top of that, the wheels come in a variety of color so you can customize them. Besides, the wheels are built with high quality so that it can make your skating experience better so you can actually learn skating with confidence.


The R3 skates use the Riedell KwiK ABEC -5 bearing to provide you a satisfying swivel. The bearings will not let you go faster yet allows for minor work to be done while you are skating outdoors.

Toe Stops:

The pair consists of a black bolt on toe stops. However, the plate allows for Midi Gripper Toe Stop so you can stop the skate with style.


  • Size: Black 1-14 and white 1-11 for Men and Ladies have to go down 1 size.
  • Plate: PowerDyne Thrust Nylon
  • Bearings: Riedell KwiK ABEC-5

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  • Black Midi Gripper Toe Stoppers.
  • Wheels: Riedell 62mm by 32mm Radar Zen Wheels with hardness of 78A
  • Outdoor Version.


  • The pair is super-fast
  • The pair is strong and durable.
  • The wheels come in variety of color options to choose from.
  • The pair has excellent support
  • The wheels will give you a silent skating experience.
  • The pair is comfortable.
  • You can customize the color of the wheels.
  • The wheel bearings do not have rolling resistance, so they will roll smoothly.


  • You might find skates stiff at first but they get adjusted with the toe after a couple of usage.
  • You might find size issue if you don’t order the proper one.
  • You might need to adjust the wheels.
  • You might find the skates heavy.
  • The tongue of the shoe might rub against you angle in an uncomfortable way.

Buy it on Amazon.com


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can these boots be used indoors, as well? Or do you need different wheels?
A: Outdoor wheels are softer. The outdoor wheels are when you hit cracks and pebbles. You can use these as indoor boots when you’re skating for recreation with a little grip. The softness provides the grip you want for balance and speed outdoors.

Q: How heavy are these skates?
A: The skates are not heavier than any normal skate. The key is to see if they offer a size chart for measurement for ensuring proper fit.

Q: Can you replace toe stops with gumball stops? And what size do you recommend for 8.5 men U.S size?
A: Yes, you can change the toe stops to the Gumboil stops. It’s best to go a size up, if you have 8.5 size then go for 9.5

Q: Can you use these outdoors after rain, on wet surfaces?
A: you can use them outside. The main thing is to ensure you avoid getting through standing water or puddles in respect of keeping the bearings from getting too wet. However, if the skates get wet, it will be better that you blow the bearings out with a kind of Air compressor. It will guarantee the skates from staying wet and rusting out.

Final Words

Riedell R3 outdoor energy roller skates features a lot of thing that you look for in skates. The pair comes in all black with an elegant look and a functional performance. Moreover, another great thing is, they give you option to customize the color of the wheels so you can take you favorite color and have a great skating experience.

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