Roller Derby Roller Star 350 Girls Roller Skates Review

The juniors tend to visualize as much adventures as the seniors do.roller derby roller star 350 So, they also love to taste the moment they get from skating experience just like us. For that, many of the junior skate boots have been provided by multi manufacturers and Roller Derby Roller Star 350 happens to be one of them. These little skates come with that color combination that will surely make the little girls fall for it: yes its White and Pink. However, but who would buy the pair just for the color right? So here I have cracked some reviews so that you can know more about the product, so that you can buy for your baby girl.

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Features and Specifications:

For the littles:

The best thing that the Roller 350 does is, it brings a bright pinky smile to the girl kids. The skate comes in pretty pink and white combination that surely will make the girls love it. Not only that, the traditional style high top boot would be another reason for which the girl will definitely want to take it for a thrilling ride.

Cool Control:

Another great thing about the 350 is its extra stability feature that is followed by the control of the skates. The Skates feature 54mm wheels that are made out of Urethane and come four in number. Certainly they have this pink color that makes the skates more eye-catching to the little girls. This will definitely be like a motivation to them. However, as for the bearings, the 350 star features Excellerator measuring 608 with light torsion beam system Chassis. It means, one end of the longer metal rod is firmly affixed to the chassis of the skates. This system lets the skates offer a great skating experience especially for little beginners.

Fix and Flexibility:

The skates are layered with padded comfort and there is a lacing system to fix the feet. Which means, the pair comes with laces by which the girls can wear the skates according to their comfort. As it has been designed to provide them freestyle convenience, the girls will find it happy to use them for their skating experience.


The Roller Derby Roller Star 350 comes with reinforced Nylon plate. It means that the heels of the skates will provide secured support to your ankle and feet. Moreover, the pair features a pink bolt on toe stops so that the girls can control their skating experience like the way they want.


  • Padded boots lining with laces.
  • Light Torsion beam chassis
  • 54mm Wheels made of Urethane
  • Bearings size: 608
  • Plate Material: Nylon.

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  • Reinforced heel provides support
  • Traditional Laces
  • Skill Range: Beginner
  • Skate Cuff Height: High.


  • The Roller Derby Roller Star 350 fits true to their size if bought the perfect one.
  • The kids will have no wheels issues as they roll smoothly.
  • Great for beginners and recreational skating experience.
  • They are comfortable to wear and great support system.
  • The color is very vibrant that allures the girls.
  • The lacing system is durable and holds the feet perfectly.
  • The boot is well built and long lasting.
  • The pair comes with good brakes.


  • There is no way to tighten the wheels.
  • Might not fit perfectly to many of the girls.
  • As the skates are white in color, they attract the dirt right after being used outside.
  • You might find them quite bulky and fat.
  • These are not for professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Are these skates for outdoor, indoor, or both kinds of skating?
A: Yes, you can use the skates for both indoor and outdoor use.

Q: Do the Roller Derby skates light up?
A: No, the Roller Derby skates do not light up.

Q: Is there a loop through the tongue on the lace?
A: No, there isn’t any loop through the tongue but you can tighten them tight.

Q: is it possible to adjust the wheels so they don’t roll really fast?
A: There is no way to adjust the wheels but you can tightened them a little, but not that much.

Q: Can these skates glide fast?
A: Yes, the skates glide as fast as you want.


If your little daughter loves skating and she has been nagging you to buy her a new pair, then you can buy this for her. It’s a great skate pair for the beginners and comes with an essential features and benefits that you look in the skates for your daughter.

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