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roller skating safety tips

Roller skating has given the thrill to all of our skaters. People who adore adventure, love to skate every now and then. And you will find them skaters in the form of skateboarders, bicyclists or joggers. But like you know, the adventure never comes alone, it brings a good chance of painful collisions and hazards.

You can expect a skater to lose balance and fall flat right on their face that leads to skating injuries. But most of them will still keep themselves at bay to follow roller skating safety tips.

So if you want to keep yourself protected from the mishap, wearing protective equipment is a must. The gears will not prevent you from the accident but they lessen the pain of the injury that you might get from it.

Gear Guidelines

So you are all up for skating right? Did you wear your gear? No! then get up now and grab all the safety gears to put them on properly.

Harmless Helmet

Skating is one of the most daring sports while you roll over. And if you are smart enough to think that you don’t need a helmet then this will be the most stupid thing to do. No other gear will protect you as much as your help will from the accident. Come on, it will save your damn head to get injured. However, Helmet is one of the essential pieces of safety equipment. Skaters can either wear the bicycle helmet or skate helmet as well. If you find yourself a lot in roller skating then it’s a good idea to spend a little in buying a helmet that has been designed especially for roller skating. That kind of helmet comes down lower in the back towards the base of the skull to present to utmost security at the moment of backward fall. However, it’s better to check out that the helmet you buy meets all safety standards for roller skates.

However, while talking about roller skating safety tips another dull yet useful reminder is that you must wear thee helmet appropriately. Larger helmets have higher chances to come off during a fall. So it’s a must that you fit the piece properly according to your skull size. Not only that, to fuel up the security, always fasten the chin straps tightly beneath your chin so the helmet does not move around.

Skates Select

So, as we are talking about roller skating safety tips it is important that while you are grabbing your pair, you will mostly like to get the one that has a comfortable yet sturdy pair of roller skates with a lot of ankle support. However, if you aren’t sure how to check the support then there is a definite way that can help you out to check it. all you have to do is, you need to feel the plastic of the boots. If you are able to squeeze it then you can guess that the materials are not strong enough. So, make sure that you get the pair that matches your desires and expectation be it for your racing or for casually rolling down the bridleway.

However, check out your skates before you wear them on. The brakes and wheels have to be in decent shape and snugly secured. If you find the bakes and wheels worn or misshapen then replace them RIGHT NOW!. Make sure that the buckles are in appropriate working orders. Try to keep your skates tight while you are skating.

Pads would be perfection

Be it scrapes, cut or broken or sprained wrists, they are always the most uninvited hazards to roller skater. So while you have already made up your mind to wear a helmet, you will also have to add some more safety gears to your body. So make sure that you wear elbow pads, wrist guards or knee pads while you skate. It’s because they too need protection as much as your skull needs like duh! Elbow and knee pads must have cushioned interior with a hard plastic shield so that they can protect you against the accidents. As for the wrist guards, they should be made of tough plastic that will hold the wrists safely in the place while the incident will take place. However, you must fit all the pads appropriately and fasten them securely with perfection no matter what happens.

Clothing Clues

Even clothes also help in protecting you from the hazards. If you are concerned about what to wear! Then go for wear long sleeve shirts and jeans beneath the pads for added protection against the cuts and scrapes. However, you can wear light gloves, they will keep your hands safe. And to add more, a fitted mouthpiece is also a good gear to protect you from accidents.


The most mainstream injured body parts are stated to be arms and hands, albeit scratches to other body areas are also common. But seriously, skaters who do not wear helmets will surely get head injuries. So wearing a helmet is a must. Not only that, wearing other safety equipment is also a MUST. So, then if you are skating safely you could also check the health benefits of roller skating.

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